10 Dank 4/20 Pickup Lines

Not that we condone the use of marijuana, but 4/20 is an international holiday, right? There’s bound to be TONS of lovely stoner chicks out there “celebrating” tonight and your regular game just won’t phase them.


13 [email protected] Kickball Pickup Lines To Help You Score

Girl, I’d watch you from behind a chain-link fence.


The 15 Cheesiest Tax Day Pickup Lines We Could Think Of

“Listen, I’ve been auditing your body all night, and it is in damn fine standing.”


12 Easter Pickup Lines For That Special Somebunny

Come back to my place — I’ll give you a Peeps show.


Seriously, Guys: Here Are Your Hilarious April Fool’s Pickup Lines

I don’t know what it is about today, but I’m fooling in love with you.


The Ridiculously Simple Flirting Move For Shy Girls

Even the most wilting wallflower can work up the nerve for this simple and effective move.


Here Are Your Mad Men-Inspired Pickup Lines

Hey, good-lookin’. Let’s take a 17-month hiatus together and then pretend it never happened.


Hunger Games Pickup Lines That Katniss, Peeta and Gale Swear By

Girl, you look like you were created by Cinna himself.


These Shoes Will 100% Ensure You Won’t Get Laid

Would you sleep with someone who owned these shoes? Alberto Moretti, artistic director of Arfango, wouldn’t. And he’s banking on the fact that nobody else would, either.


Here Are Your Awesome Pickup Lines for Pi Day

My love for you is like π, endless and irrational.


The Fail Proof Way to Pick Up an Irish Bartender

You want to stand out from all the other Americans drunkenly hitting on your Irish bartender this Saturday? Use this line.


4 Things To Remember When You Have No Idea What To Say To Her

If this doesn’t sound familiar, I salute you. You must be one of those swashbuckling and most enviable of gentlemen who has already conquered his juvenile fear of talking to girls and perhaps — gasp! — being rejected.


Daylight Savings Time Pickup Lines

When I met you, my heart skipped a beat — and an hour.


13 Dr. Seuss Pickup Lines for Your Potential Sneech Muffin

I’ve danced with Thing 1, and held hands with Thing 2. But not a creature in Whoville compares to you.

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50 Pick-Up Lines for Foodies

Whether pick-up lines are a legitimate way to pick up someone or not, devising lists of them will never get… Read More

Chris Brown

Wow, Just Wow: Thank You Chris Brown For The Worst Pick Up Line Ever, I Guess

Pickup lines almost never seem right, but I never thought they could be out-right horribly offensive. Thank you, Chris Brown, for proving me wrong.


How to Twitter Flirt in 4 Easy Steps

Twitter: more than just a platform for self-promotion and witty commentary during televised events!


The Dos and Don’ts of Trying to Pick Someone Up on V-Day

“How about I St. Valentine’s Day Massacre that ass?” does not equal a great V-day pickup line.