Tell Us: How Long Do You Wait to Have Sex?

Today the standard for when we choose to have sex seems to depend less on gender and social norms and more on individual preference.

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Ever Gotten Completely Wasted On a First Date? My Date Did…

He went to pour me a beer (even though the one he’d just poured a few minutes earlier was still full) and spilled an entire pitcher all over me. On my lap, on my shirt — it even got in my purse.


Tell Us: What Has Your HowHookup Dating Life Been Like?

Help us complete the story with this super-quick question that’ll help us better understand and serve your needs.


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In 2020, is it possible to be chivalrous without being condescending?


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We asked readers to weigh in on whether a first date on Valentine’s Day is a good idea or a bad idea.


Poll Results: Sleeping Arrangements at Your Parents House are Predictably Awkward

“My parents broke down once I had a serious girlfriend in college. Now they don’t even care about randos!”


Women Who Play Online Video Games Have More Sex Than Those Who Don’t

A new study reveals that gamer girls are doing it more frequently and, possibly, to greater satisfaction.


Is It Weird To Send A Potential Date Your Resume?

My friend met a guy online, and he sent her his resume. Is this the new normal?


Poll Results: Most of You Think the Man Should Love the Woman More, But You’re Not Sure Why

Most of you think that in a good relationship, the man should love the woman more, but few of you were able to explain why.


Tell Me If You Think This Is Weird: I Keep Dreaming About My Lesbian Friend

“I’ve had 2 dreams about me getting it with a lesbian friend of mine. First dream was somewhat light, second was graphic and intense. Is this weird?”


Poll: In a Heterosexual Relationship, Should The Man Love The Woman More?

It’s an old wives tale that’s somehow stood the test of time: in a good relationship, should the man love the woman just a little bit more?

Poll Results: More People Have Had Amazing One Night Stands Than Not

54% of respondents claim to have had at least one truly satisfying one-off with a relative stranger.


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Hanging out with your friend’s new guy for the first time is kind of like going on a first date — and you should treat it as such.


Poll: Do You Compare Yourself To Where Your Parents Were At The Same Age?

When my mother was my age, she was already married. I think about this a lot.

Online Dating 101: Most People Judge You When You Mention Sex In Your Profile

According to our recent poll, if you’re looking for a relationship, you may want to leave the sex out of your profile.

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Spicy food makes your lips appear fuller — but does this mean you should order it on a date?


Pick A Side, Any Side: More Than Half of You Refuse to Sleep on the Other Side of the Bed

Sides of the bed: turns out, it’s actually a thing.