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Men Are More Interested in Cuddling Than Women Are, Says Science

As men age, cuddling becomes increasingly important to men, while women start to care way more about sex.


Women Want Men Who Can Dance, Says Science

Here’s some shocking and terrible news for those of us who were born with a penis and two left feet.


This Guy Says He Found The Actual G Spot

He is an explorer — a vagina explorer.


This Is What Makes Us Become Fat Floozies, Says Science

But what’s so wrong about eating more food or having more sex?


What Should You Drink To Feel Hotter? It Doesn’t Matter, Says Science

Social lubrication, social lubrication, social lubrication.


Being In A Relationship Makes Us Healthier, Smarter, and Happier, Says Science

In a relationship, your brain stops thinking “I” and instead thinks “we.” And you get to have a ton of sex. All of which “revamp the brain.”

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Sex-Deprived Fruit Flies Lust After Alcohol, Says Science

Fruit flies. They’re just like us.


Noisy Sex Is Usually Fake, Says Science

Most women’s mid-coital moans are, in fact, performative in function. Rather than — you know — an involuntary reaction to the indomitable sexual prowess of their partners.


We Don’t Know How to Use Condoms Correctly, Says Science

As Lil’ Wayne once said, “Safe sex is great sex.” So make sure you’re using those rubbers correctly.


Getting Back Together With Your Ex Is a Bad Idea, Says Science

In other news, the sky is blue and there is a war in the Middle East.


Old People Care More About Compatibility Than Status, Says Science

We could probably learn a thing or two about love from our grandparents.


Why Your Name’s Keeping You Single

Science tells us what poor Gertrude and Lester already knew: People shun singles with ugly names, and those poor sods kinda hate themselves too.


Redheads Have Better Sex, Says Science

…and redheads everywhere smirk knowingly.


Cheating May (Literally) Break Your Heart, Says Science

Your cheatin’ heart // will make you weep // and maybe give you a heart attack, too.


Married Couples Aren’t Better Than Co-Habitators, Says Science

The study found that married people don’t have any long term advantages over co-habitating couples in terms of their happiness, healthy, and social life.


Why Girls Make Boys Insane In The Membrane

We already knew that guys get insane in the membrane when a pretty girl is around, but a newer study says that she doesn’t have to be around at all. That’s some serious woman power.


Being Confident Will Get You More Dates Than Being Attractive Will, Says Science

Can’t argue with science: Feeling attractive and acting accordingly will score you more numbers than simply being attractive. Here, we break down three fascinating studies that prove it.


Long Commutes Are Wrecking Relationships, Says Science

If you’re spending three hours less canoodling with your SO, and three hours more crammed in your car, burning through gas and swearing at that gridlocking jerk who is ruining your life, something is going to break.