Dating Diaries: The Non-Break Up Break Up

When he said, “We should hang out this week,” I didn’t really have the guts to just flat out say no on the spot. I think I nodded silently.

IT crowd

5 (Slightly Shallow, But Totally Valid) Reasons to Date a Geek

Yeah, yeah,yeah, they’re loyal and caring, but have you SEEN their cable package?


A Grievance Against the “[So-and-So] is typing” Feature on GChat

Thanks for that unnecessary roller coaster of emotion, Gchat.


The Break-Up Tipping Point: When Does It Have to Happen In Person?

I say unless you’re “exclusive,” you can do it by email. But everyone else seems to think I’m wrong.


Paris Hilton’s Custom Drunken/Booty Call Ring Tones Have Arrived

This is the best idea that has ever emerged from the Paris Hilton camp: custom ring-tones you can assign to people who only in the middle of the night when they’re horny or drunk.

follow up

The Follow-Up Text: Do You Send One After a Date?

Is texting someone after a date to let them know you had a nice time that much of a dealbreaker?


The Pros and Cons of Being “In a Relationship” on Facebook

Better to let it all hang out, or keep certain things to yourself?


How to Use “Words With Friends” to Get a Date

The Wall Street Journal ran an article today (in which we were quoted!), profiling various couples who met while using the “Random Opponent” option on Words With Friends. Sounds like a stretch, but we’re firm believers that the game for logophiles really can help win you a date.


Timehop REALLY Wants You to Remember Your Last V-Day. (Hope It Was a Good One!)

Social media nostalgia machine Timehop, which sends you a daily email reminding you what you did a year ago on Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram and Facebook, has a bug that’s causing it to remind users what they did last Valentine’s Day….over and over and over again.


How to Twitter Flirt in 4 Easy Steps

Twitter: more than just a platform for self-promotion and witty commentary during televised events!

Kim Kardashian seen getting Google alerts - of herself! - on her Blackberry as she leaves Laser Away beauty salon in Santa Monica

Tell Me If You Think This Is Weird: Putting A Google Alert On Someone You’re Dating

There’s no question that Google has changed the dating game, and at this point it’s totally accepted that your date will have googled you before by the first date. But where do alerts fit on the “is this weird?” spectrum?


What You’re Saying By Contacting People Through Various Means

Facebook wall post: “I don’t really have anything to say to you, but I desperately want everyone to see me having something to say to you.”


The Flirtiest Video Game For a First Date

Whipping out your Fingle will let you accidentally play finger twister with your date, giving you a common goal of winning the game. Who knows where the date will go from here.


Peacocking Tip: Super Awesome iPhone Cases

Peacocking isn’t about being outlandish and crazy or lying about who you are — it’s about playing your cards right and putting yourself in a situation that makes you open and approachable.


I Just Had Sex: The App

Here’s a phone app which lets you meticulously track your sexual encounters by GPS location, position, and whether or not you used protection.


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines To Launch Mile-High Dating Service

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines plans to launch a “Meet and Seat” program early next year.


From Twitter: “Help Me Decode This Weird Pick-Up Line!”

Is this a pick-up line? We can’t even tell.