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Can You Tell If Someone Likes You? [VIDEO]

Is it totally obvious or are you totally oblivious? How can you tell?


Let’s Talk About The 3 Second Rule

This is going to be a hit

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What Women Look For in a Man [VIDEO]

This week, we found out what qualities women look for in a guy. Some of it’s pretty basic, some of it’s encouraging, some of it’s… kind of bizarre.

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Have You Ever Been Broken Up With Via Text or Email? [VIDEO]

Arielle just got dumped via text message. Has this ever happened to you?

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What Really Attracts Men? It’s Complicated. [VIDEO]

We sent Date Reporter Kristin Campbell to the streets to find out what real men in the real world are actually looking for in a woman. What we found may (pleasantly) surprise you.

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10 Hours Left In Our “Chemistry Happens Offline” Video Contest! Vote for Your Favorite!

Weeks ago, we asked vloggers and film makers everywhere to answer the question “What Does ‘Chemistry Happens Offline’ Mean to You?” for a chance to win $1500. Since then we’ve seen a wonderfully wide range of responses from mini-rom-coms starring muppets to true stories of offline romance. Vote for your favorite here!

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Video: When Bert Met Ernie

Film maker Timothy Adams’ “Chemistry Happens Offline” Contest Entry tells the tale of two muppets trying to find love in vain — then finding each other when they least expect it.


Porn for Book Nerds: B*tches in Bookshops

Are you as hardcore as these girls are about your books?


Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda Kotb Talk HowHookup Drinking Stats on the Today Show

Kathie Lee mentions hookers, so you know it’s worth it.

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Video: What “Chemistry Happens Offline” Means to the Team @ HowHookup

From the scent of Old Spice High Endurance Deodorant to the trouble with emoticons, here’s what the HowHookup team thinks about chemistry and why it only happens IRL.

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Video: “Old Man Zombie” and “Fievel the Mouse” Find Real Life Chemistry at a Costume Party

Rachel and Lincoln’s first date was a costume party (he was a zombie, she was Fievel from An American Tale). Now they live together. Check out their “Awwww” inducing story, courtesy of film maker Ben Myers.

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Video: This Is What Happens To Your Dating Life When You Spend Too Much Time Online

Christina Raia’s video for HowHookup’s “Chemistry Happens Offline” contest explores what online flirting might look like offline. The answer is: ridiculous.

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Video: A Shutterbug Love Story

Chemistry can happen when you find that your interests match up just right. In this case, one person is interested in taking photographs and the other is interested in getting in the way.

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Video: Food Festivals Make Perfect First Dates

First dates are about a million times better when you do something you both really love… like eating lots of delicious things.

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Watch the Trailer: Dan Savage’s New MTV Show Will Make Everything Okay

Tell-it-like-it-is sex advice columnist Dan Savage is taking his unconventional wisdom to the small screen and the results, quite frankly, give us cheering-crowd-at-the-end-of-an-80′s-high-school-sports-movie type chills.

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Video: This Is How You Win $1500 From HowHookup

Does chemistry happen on Twitter? Is Muppet love a dealbreaker? Check out the newest entries in our “Chemistry Happens Offline” Video Contest and find out.

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Man On The Street: “What Does ‘Chemistry Happens Offline’ Mean to You?”

At we help people to spend less time online and more time actually dating. Why? Because we know that… Read More


Watch: The Most Epic Date of All Time

What would happen if you took ALL of the best HowHookup date ideas and combined them?


Watch: This Is Your Brain On Love (In An MRI Machine)

Oddly, this is maybe the best effort I’ve seen toward answering the question, What is love? Eight contestants, ranging in… Read More


Amazing, Heartbreaking Video You Need To See

Matty Brown’s video valentine for his boyfriend starts off as your standard awwwww-inducing digital love note, but soon takes a turn for the utterly heart-breaking.