Breaking News: Couples Don’t Have to Do Everything Together

“I told him, ‘You don’t teach me how to play tennis and I won’t teach you how to model in a bathing suit.’”


Love Lessons from ‘Dancing with the Stars’: Hug It Out With Your Ex

To someone who knows their backstory, this moment was miraculous.


If You Don’t Like a Coworker’s Partner, Should You Say Something?

J.Lo’s manager slammed J.Lo’s boyfriend in a national magazine. Feels kind of cold, no?


Cheating Isn’t Classy — But Neither Is Outing Your Colleague As a Cheater In His Obituary

Wow, awesome how they got that prostitution stuff in there.


Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols’ Breakup Reminds Us of the Perils of Dating Your Coworker

I can’t totally blame Sophia for rebounding with another one of her castmates, but once you’ve already had one failed workplace relationship another one just seems like pushing your luck.


Adele Says She’s Taking Five Years Off to Work on Her Relationship – Is That a Good Idea?

When you’re newly in love, it’s tempting to shut off everything else in the world and devote yourself exclusively to your relationship. But that strategy often backfires.


5 Rules for the Office Holiday Party Hook-Up

Say what you will now, but we know better: the office party hook-up is gonna happen. So at least do it wisely by following these rules.


Scarlett Johansson Reminds Us Why Love Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Quit Your Day Job

Scarlett Johansson is promoting her new movie We Bought a Zoo, but all the interviewers really want to ask her about is her divorce from Ryan Reynolds.


The Pros and Cons of Dating an Investment Banker

Let’s try to be objective (or, as objective as possible, anyway), and list some actual pros and cons of dating an investment banker.


Is It Weird To Send A Potential Date Your Resume?

My friend met a guy online, and he sent her his resume. Is this the new normal?

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Please Don’t Make Fun Of Your Virgin Friends

Lessons learned from a real life, 41 year-old virgin who is suing the pants off of NYU Medical Center.

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do Until You’re “Exclusive”

Waiting until you’re exclusive to have sex is too old-fashioned of a maxim to work for everyone, but there are other things that should wait until you’re committed…

What’s On Your “Relationship Resume”?

Just imagine what a relationship resume could tell you about your date. Longest relationship? Ever co-habitated? What exactly are they bringing to the table in terms of skills? Why do they think they’d be right for you?

Can Dating Make You More Successful At Work?

Is networking just dating without the sex?


“What Does He Do?” The Pros & Cons of Dating a Doctor, Grad Student, DJ

Inspired by “25 Best Guys To Date Based On Profession”, here are some pros & cons of dating men in some of the most common vocations, based on stereotypes alone. (In other words, for entertainment purposes only.)


“I Could Never Date Someone Who _____”: Dealbreaker Careers

Glamour has a post up today asking women about their dealbreaker professions: “I could never picture myself dating a guy who did ______.” Ooooooh, good question!