When Whitney Houston died, she left her entire estate to her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown. However, Whitney also had another person playing a child role in her life: Nick Gordon, who was living in her house and was referred to as her son, even though they never went through with a proper adoption. But the story just took a very weird turn: Nick announced on his Twitter that he and Bobbi aren’t just faux-siblings, they’re also dating. Ew?

In the past, it wasn’t unusual for adopted siblings or pseudo-relatives to marry each other. Lord Byron married his ward, and so did former President Grover Cleveland. Wuthering Heights is about a chick who gets with both of her male first cousins. Hell, even Lady Mary on Downton Abbey was betrothed to her first cousin and has now upgraded to being engaged to her third cousin. It could be that Nick and “Krissi” (as he calls her) are merely carrying on a long and proud tradition of wealth consolidation, but somehow I don’t get that vibe from them.

Although the idea of dating my pseudo-brother (I don’t have one, but we’re getting hypothetical here) totally icks me out, I’m trying to figure out where Krissi might be coming from. I can imagine that growing up the child of two very famous people, both of whom were almost as famous for their fights and addictions as they were for their musical abilities, has to be a weird and isolating experience. Many kids of celebrities feel like everyone is trying to use them for something, and it’s hard to know who to trust. In Krissi’s case, since her mom is gone and her dad’s not always around, the person she can count on is Nick, who understands where she’s coming from and doesn’t need her to explain things. It’s still sort of awkward, but I can see why she’s drawn to him. That said, I think she should call Lisa Marie Presley and ask for advice about how not to end up in weird celebrity marriages.

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