We unabashedly adore texting here at The Date Report – sometimes, almost to a fault. But texting, when done inappropriately, can be rude, and even worse (or, not worse, but also bad,) a dating dealbreaker.

Luckily, the always on-top-of-things Emily Post Institute has issued some pretty reliable rules for the conscientious texter. Here they are, below, with our take on how each rule applies to daters.


1) Don’t Text When You Wouldn’t Call

I can definitely think of exceptions to this rule (isn’t part of the miracle of texting the fact that you can convey quick messages when you can’t call?), but in general, this is a good rule to follow. Would you call a friend to chat while walking to the subway with a date? If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t be texting, either.


2) Be Careful What You Text

“Don’t text-message anything confidential, private, or potentially embarrassing,” the institute advises. Not only is there the possibility that your date can see what you’re typing – and by the way, you should turn off the “preview” function on your phone, too – but there’s the even worse possibility that you accidentally send the wrong thing to the wrong person.


3) “Remember, No One Can Judge Your Tone on a Text”

especially people who you’ve only recently started dating and therefore don’t know you, or your tone very well. So, as tempting as it is to overanalyze a text, don’t read too much into them, and if you ever have something really important to communicate, best to do it in person.


4) Don’t Always Expect an Immediate Response

I tend to give guys about 30 seconds to respond to a text before I start angrily wondering why they’re ignoring me, which, I know, is ridiculous. Remember, it’s possible the person your dating has a job/a life and won’t be able to immediately respond, so try, try, try not to panic when they don’t!


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