Happy [Early] National Kissing Day! Here are 50 ways to celebrate, and here are 30 hot pictures of people kissing — just because!

If you have a date this weekend, take note of these 10 girls you should never date, and the 18 guys to watch out for.

If your date is into cooking and good food, you’ll want to learn these 5 ways to impress a foodie on a date.

Before you talk to anyone this weekend — a date, a friend — read our weekly Brush-Up if you haven’t stayed as up on current events as you should’ve. It’s your cheat sheet for all the really important stuff that happened this week but you totally didn’t have time to read up on.

Also, remember: there is one thing you should always bring with you on a first date.

If you have a great date, and you want another one with the same person, do these 10 moves that will (probably) land you a second date. (But try not to say any of these 10 things.)

And remember, you have 48 hours to contact someone after a first date. It’s the two-day rule! And don’t kiss like this!

Speaking of kissing! Here are 7 ways to tell if it’s just a hook-up, or something more.

If you had a bad date, don’t get bummed. Take these 26 simple steps to ease the pain of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad date.

But before you start dating anyone for more than a few weeks, you should be upfront with them about these 10 things.

And whatever you do, don’t have sex with this person.


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