If  you’re looking for a date, there is NO BETTER WAY to find one than these Magical Disney Pickup Lines That Will Rock Your Whole New World, these Kick @ss Kickball Pickup Lines To Help You Score, or these Dank 4/20 Pickup Lines.

If you have a date, remember to read our Brush-Up so you won’t look like a dummy when she starts talking about missile-carrying drones.

Remember, you have 48 hours — no more, no less — to contact your date after you say “good-bye”. Adjust your weekend calendars!

Guys: Don’t say this to a woman, get on her good side and make her happy by doing this, don’t do what this guy did, and this is what girls wished you knew. Do not be late for your date — she will get drunk and angry.

Ladies: Here’s what NOT to say to a man in bed, here’s how to know if he likes you or if it’s the real thing, and here’s why you’re craving more food or sex.

And this is for everyone: Here are 50 Places to Make Out Before You Die. Let’s get going on this – the weekend is young.