Em & Lo have a post up about the worst things to hear on a first date. Here’s a few of them:

  1. You remind me of my ex.
  2. Cutco knives are so awesome.
  3. I only cry during rom coms…and right after sex.
  4. Just a sec, I have to text back my mom.

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 I totally agree with their list (you can read the rest here), but I’d like to add that if any of the following words even come up in a serious conversation, you should run and hide:
  1. Rape whistle*
  2. Chlymidia*
  3. Prison*
  4. Bleeding*
  5. MySpace*
  6. Pimp*
  7. Alimony*
  8. Chloroform*
  9. Kevin Federline*
  10. “What gender are you?”*

*Could be a totally legit reason for this, but to be safe, run.

What would you add?

[Em & Lo]