There’s an interesting infographic on Mashable today from a British study on texting and dating. The most interesting part is a graph that charts the average response times for texts from a potential date or new partner.

According to the graph, the majority of men will respond to a text from a girl within one hour of first receiving it. It seems as though if a guy is into it, he’ll respond ASAP, to hell with playing hard to get. After that, there’s a smaller, but still fairly good chance he’ll respond within the next 24 hours. If a guy hasn’t responded by the next day, the chances of him replying within two days, or by the next week, are small — more likely than not, he won’t reply at all.

Women have a somewhat similar trajectory: a large number will reply to a text message within an hour of getting it. However, unlike men, if they don’t respond within an hour, they’re almost just as likely to reply within 24 hours (whereas with men, the number tapers off severely if they don’t choose to respond right away). The large amount of women who will reply within 24 hours might be because women are so often warned against “seeming too eager”, something which men, as we can see, are scarcely bothered by. It’s likely, therefore, that a girl might receive a text, and then strategically wait to reply. However, after an initial 24 hour period, women are less likely to reply at all than men.

I find this pretty accurately reflects texting habits: if I don’t hear back from a guy right away, I immediately assume he’s not that interested. And I’ve been chastised by friends for responding too eagerly.

Guys, is how long you wait to respond to a text a reflection of how much you like someone?

And (girls and guys), have you ever put off answering a text in order to play it cool?

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