Modern Man says they’ve found the one thing women wish guys knew, and it turns out there are quite a few actually, from changing the light bulb to telling her she is pretty every time. A few:

“If you give her a present for her birthday or a special occasion, buy a card and write a nice note for her too. She’ll hang on to it and re-read it when she’s feeling sad or missing you.” —Erica O.

“Change her lightbulbs when you notice they’ve gone out.” —Jenn B.

“Always offer to carry the kitty litter home from the store, or out of the car. That stuff is heavy.” —Mary M.

“Tell her she’s pretty every time you see her, not once in a while. Just because you said it once doesn’t mean you don’t need to say it again.” —Deirdre O.

“Never take a girl out on a date only to ask, ‘So, what do you want to do?’ Have a plan!” —Casey G.

“When you go away on a business trip or a vacation with the boys, make sure to communicate with her in a real way, and not in a way that just feels like you’re checking in because you have to. It doesn’t have to be every day, but when you reach out to her, actually devote 10 solid minutes to writing a thoughtful email, or talking to her on the phone without distraction. There’s nothing more depressing than getting a perfunctory itinerary email from a boyfriend who’s far away. ‘Today I did this, tomorrow I’m doing this. Miss you.’ You may think you’re reaching out, but you might as well be updating Facebook.” —Carolyn K.

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Obviously, guys can’t do all this stuff to cover their bases — this list just proves that every girl is wildly different, and the only way to find out that they want you to have a plan is if they tell you. But girls don’t always tell guys stuff, they assume guys should just know.

So the takeaway from this list isn’t: change the lightbulbs. It’s: ask your girlfriend what she wants and likes. Because you could be changing the lightbulbs when all she really wants is for you to say, “Damn, girl. You look so fine.”

[Modern Man]

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