The most important thing to always have with you on a first date is not chapstick, nor condoms, nor breathmints (although those are all good to have), but…


Knowing who should pay on a first date is always tricky, and you should always go to a date prepared to pay for at least your portion of the bill. (Though we’re sort of against splitting the check, in general…)

Sure, you have a credit card — but the thing is, sometimes waiters get ornery about having to use multiple cards. And it’s super awkward to have to go through the whole “Well, my margarita was 3 dollars more than your wine, so I’ll just leave extra tip on my card so she can split it evenly” thing. And while the “I’ll put it on my card and you give me cash” thing works with friends, it’s way awkward to hand your date a $20 for your portion of the bill, because your love is not a transaction.

So bring cash, and pay directly for your portion.

One final tip: If one of you has to put a card down up front for your bar tab, and it’s not a big bill (~$20, give or take) and you want to go out with them again — DON’T let the other person give you cash when you have to close out. It’s tacky.

Always be generous when you can, and expect that they will be generous in return!

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