Everyone knows you should never refer to a woman by the C-word, but apparently guys have a C-word of their own to despise: the significantly less  explosive, but apparently still offensive word “creep.”  Apparently it’s part of what some men are calling “creep-shaming.”

What the hell is creep-shaming? Well, according to one irate Reddit commentor:

“Creep shaming is probably one of the most insidious and anti-equality things you can do. The ability to label men as “creepy” is just one privilege that women enjoy and [is a] constant source of fear of ostracizing that all men must fear in our society.”

While that particular definition seems a little hysterical/dramatic, it is interesting to examine why so many guys apparently have such a problem with the word, as Jezebel eloquently did in a recent article.
The problem guys have with the word is that it describes not a woman’s perception of a man, but rather how he makes her feel: creeped out, threatened. And guys are really sensitive about the idea that they would at all be threatening, weird, or mal-intentioned in an off-putting way.  Ugly can be sexy. Annoying can be sexy. Gross can be sexy. Creepy really can’t be.
I don’t particularly feel that the word merits a male crusade against it, but it is interesting to be aware of its connotations. If you tend to use the word in an off-hand, teasing manner  (“Omg you are being SO creepy right now!”), be aware of how the word might offend.
[Jezebel: Why Guys Really Hate Being Called Creepy]
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