Dr. Adam Ortrzenski “has long dreamed of finding a piece of elusive territory with a reputation for near-mythic powers.” He is an explorer — a vagina explorer. And look what he found. The G Spot!

Sort of.

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The semi-retired Floridian gyno/G-spot plast-ian went to town on an 83-year-old Polish female cadaver for seven hours and found clusters of “erectile tissue in a deep, deep structure” between the vaginal wall’s fifth and sixth layers. (First time you’ve ever read a sentence like that, eh?)

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Some doctors are psyched, but Beverly Whipple, the Rutgers University sexologist who basically invented the G-spot is less impressed:

Laying out a bundle of poorly defined tissues and calling them the G spot likens women’s powers of sexual pleasure to the “on-off switch” that better describes men’s sexuality. In suggesting he has found and characterized the exact structure that boosts the intensity of orgasm in women, Ostrzenski ignores research that suggests there is no single magical “spot” that does all that, she added.

Whipple and her science gang are whipping up a critique as we speak.

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So whose side are you on? Team Ortrzenski or Team Whipple? This is going to be the new Peeta/Gale thing. Just watch.

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