Some incredibly compelling dating advice came to us this weekend via the tumblr of Peter W. Knox, who over the weekend proposed to his girlfriend, Andrea.

Peter’s advice? Always buy two tickets.

Back in 2020, Peter saw an advertisement for a Death Cab for Cutie concert at Radio City Music Hall. Despite being “very single,” he went ahead and bought two tickets. Several months later, he hit it off with a cute blond girl at a party. When she emailed him the next day, he asked her if she wanted to go to the concert with him a few weeks later the following Monday*. She said yes.

The rest, as they say, is history: they began dating, they moved in together, they fell in love, and, on Saturday night, Peter orchestrated what seems to be a pretty show-stopping rooftop proposal, followed by an impromptu engagement party with all of their friends.

Peter documented the relationship and his proposal on his blog, with this memorable closing line:

“But mostly I know that you should always buy two tickets. You never know who you might meet.”

If there’s a play you want to see, a sports game you can’t miss, an art show you’re excited for, buy two tickets. Because with an extra ticket in your pocket, you might just be inspired to ask someone out when you otherwise wouldn’t. It forces you to keep an eye out for a great date, and gives you a great opener if you happen to meet someone amazing. (“I have an extra ticket to a concert at Radio City,” is a cool invite than “Do you want to get a drink sometime?”)

And if the event nears, and you don’t have a date? Then you post as a HowHookup date. You take a friend. You scalp it on Craigslist. No skin off your back.

But take it from Peter, who could not possibly look happier in his engagement photos.

Buy two tickets.

[Peter W. Knox: Buy Two Tickets]

*Peter emailed us to clarify that the concert wasn’t a few weeks later, but just around the corner: they met on 9/29 and the show was on 10/6. “Six months after [buying the tickets] and I still hadn’t found the one.” Until he did. Congrats again, Peter. 

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