Help us define a word, here?

Last week, someone who wrote in to The Hairpin’s “Ask a Dude” column used the word “smanging.” I’m going to copy and paste the entire question, because I think context is important.

Recently I have found myself sort-of-but-not-really involved with a manfriend who goes to my university and is involved in several of the same extracurricular/social circles as I am. We’re friendly and generally have a good time when we interact but don’t seek each other to hang out, usually. BUT. After a fancy event, under the vague influence of alcohol, we banged and it was fun. We bumped uglies again a few months later, also very enjoyable. Last weekend I found myself at his place again, and as I was leaving in the morning, I wondered to myself, “is this/ could this be a thing?” I would like to ask him. Especially because I can already feel emotions towards him creeping up on me. The problem is that I do not want to be that girl who is clingy and silly and over-assumes based on a few interactions. However, I would like to have some ownership over the situation and feel like I can express what I want. So I guess my questions are: 1) to you as A Dude, do you think smanging it on three separate times merits a conversation? (Other, platonic manfriends have indicated to me that three occasions is not very meaningful to a guy.) And 2) how does one bring up this kind of conversation in a not-scary, not-clingy way?”

Ok, SO. Based on this paragraph, would you guess that “smanging” means ”the fusion of smashing and banging born in the catalyst of aggressive f*cking; to ferociously penetrate your partner”? Because that’s what Urban Dictionary says.

Nothing in the girl’s description led me to believe that the sex she was having with this “man-friend” was especially…agressive. But if it’s just hooking-up, why would a girl who’s sexual vocabulary is diverse enough to include “bumping uglies” resort to using the nebulous “smanging” as opposed to the hundreds of other euphanisms for plain old enjoyable (but not especially forceful) sex?

Also, there’s this music video called “Lemme Smang It“, which, frankly I thought was a parody at first.

I’m confused.

Please fill us in: what in the world does “smanging” really mean?


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