What! A! Weekend! it’s going to be. Saturday is both Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby so you’ll need these Muy Caliente Cinco de Mayo Pickup Lines To Woo Your Muneca and you’ll want to Get Lucky With These Winning Kentucky Derby Pickup Lines. Good luck with that.

Once you secure your Muneca/big-hatted, Mint Julep-sloshed date, try out one of these awesome kisses that everyone should master. (Because practicing on your hand is so 3rd grade.)

If you’ve got a date, you’ll want to be sure to greet your first date with style, and pick out a romantic restaurant with our 5-part checklist.

But watch out for these lies men tell women. And of course, the ones women tell men.

Oh look! Here’s a tip that will ensure you’ll always have a date. Plus, 5 Rules For Staying Together Forever. Ka-pow!

Oh, and guys? You’d better master the Dougie or some sort of awesome dance, because we learned this week that’s what the ladies love. But if you’ve got two left feet, here’s how to play it off.

Single? That’s okay. In fact, it’s awesome! Here are the Top 5  Times It’s GOOD To Be Single. Then enjoy these 5 Clichés of Single People. Hahahahahaaaa.

Oh! And not sure if this applies to everyone, but if you are thinking about getting a male bikini wax, you’ll want to read The Great Manscape: In Which We Make 3 Men Get Bikini Waxes and Tell All, plus the harrowing accounts of our ace reporters, Eric (whose boyfriend made fun of him), Kevin (who got laid immediately afterward) and Walker (who made a video).

Have a great weekend, everyone! Happy dating!