We asked our sexy-pert-ish panel of dudes:

What would you do if you were about to hook up with a girl and discovered she didn’t shave her arm pits?

Some of them didn’t take the question seriously, and to them we say: you are so going to wish you had thought about this honestly when it happens in real time!

“No big deal — I don’t mind walking through a briar patch to get to a picnic.” -Dave

“I wouldn’t mind at all, under the condition that her pits weren’t smelly (shaved or not)! Two of the things I really respect in a girl is conviction and integrity, and if she is willing to go against convention and not shave her armpits for whatever reason she may believe in, then I can respect that. Just be clean and use deodorant!” -Yaz

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“I don’t think I’d make her leave right away (I’m not an a-hole), but I would definitely make sure those arms stayed down. Maybe I’d tell her that I have a fetish for Irish dance and that stiff arms at her side reminds me of that.” -Eric

“I’d wonder how I was going to frame the story to my buddies in the most entertaining way possible. And I’d try not to be too good in bed, so she wouldn’t sweat.” -Rich

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“We could still do everything but armpit licking, I guess, right?” -Scott

“This is a problem. Straight guys don’t want their girls to resemble men. Plus, I’d be afraid she was a feminist or had some similar, but less well defined, philosophical objection to abiding societal norms, blah blah blah, not interested.” -Jaimenacho

“This is a conundrum. I’d like to say that her body is her body and if she’s comfortable with it then I would be too. I’d LIKE to say that, but I can’t. If it makes you uncomfortable (read: gag) then I’d prob mention it was a turn-off and offer, in solidarity, to shave anything on my body she wanted me to.” -Ernio

“People usually have reasons to go against the grain — I’d want to find out what belief, life event or hang-up is leading to the shaggy pits, and whether it’s going to be a problem. Physically it’s not all that attractive to me, but for a girl I otherwise liked, I generally wouldn’t care.” -Mitchell

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“Grip a good chunk of it and use it as extra leverage.” -Thomas

“I spent a night with a furry-pitted woman once, and was surprised to find I didn’t mind it much. The hair was trimmed, and conditioner-grade fluffy. I was expecting something rougher.” -Kevin

“If I saw the pithair first, I wouldn’t have hooked up with her.  If I’d spied the offensive tuft post-hook up, I’d shudder, chalk that one up in the personal Hook Up Hall of Shame and move on.” -Luke