30th-sparklersAccording to a new poll by Allure, both men and women agree that women are at their most seductive at the age of 30. Which is, possibly, a teensy bit older than the media narrative would have us think!

It makes sense, though — the twenties are a notoriously difficult and insecure time for women (have you seen Girls?). People put so much focus on the difficulty of adolescence, but many of the worries and insecurities of the teen years are still present in your third decade. We’ve just learned to be less outwardly angsty and awkward about them.

By 30, a woman probably feels more confident in her sexuality ; adult women don’t have to worry about slut-shaming as much as their younger counterparts. They’ve probably made peace with many of the hang-ups that they struggled with in their youth. They’re probably more likely to have sex when and if they want to, instead of giving into any sort of external pressure. And, let’s face it: they’ve probably, by the age of 30, had a fair amount of practice. A lot of the sexual bumbling around has probably gotten smoothed over: 30-year-old women know what they want, and they know what they’re doing.

Men, on the other hand, reach the peak of their sexual confidence between the ages of 50 and 69, which just seems….supremely unjust, Darwinianly. Sexy, confident 30 year-old women are sexually compatible with men almost 30 years their senior?!

Nature, you are a cruel, cruel mistress.


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