Cardio? Check. Abs? Check. Pull-ups, chin-ups, lats and delts? Check. Orgasm? Say, WHAT?!

According to a recent study at Indiana University, there is now ample proof that many calorie-burning women out there are prone to a phenomenon known as “coregasm.” This might explain why the girl/guy ratio at your gym puts that of the bars you frequent to shame.

Long a subject of the rumor mill — but until now lacking the research to back it — exercise-induced female orgasm typically results from strenuous core exercises (hence: “coregasm”) such as abdominal workouts, climbing, biking/spinning and weightlifting. Respondents included 124 women who confessed to “exercise-induced orgasm” (EIO) and 246 more who have experienced its ostensible precursor, “exercise-induced sexual pleasure” (EISP). Subjects ranged from 18 to 63 years of age, and 69% self-identified as heterosexual. The initial phase of the study surveyed only women who reported having experienced the sensation, so just what percentage of women have to (get to?) endure “coregasm” on a regular basis is still unclear. Here is what we do know:

  • 40% of the respondents reported having the experience on more than 10 occasions. One of the more daunting revelations of this research: how can male gym-rats be expected to perform at their athletic best knowing that everywhere around them women are (potentially) in various stages of sexual climax?!
  • 20% of the EIO group claimed to have “no control” over their “coregasms.” Which means — at the risk of extrapolating — that the other 80% did have control and went through with it anyway.
  • Most respondents said that sexual fantasizing played no role in the experience. And there you were thinking all that flexing in the mirror had finally paid off in some tangible manner.
  • Exercises reported to induce “coregasm” include: abdominal exercises, weightlifting, yoga, bicycling, running, and even walking/hiking. That’s, like, six awesome ways to diversify foreplay that don’t involve bondage or “safe-words.”
  • Open-ended responses indicate the “captain’s chair” to be the apparatus most likely to trigger those special sensations. Translation: the seatless chair with padded arm-supports upon which you suspend yourself on your forearms and do leg-raises. You might sign up for that machine now, because after this study hits the web, there’s going to be a long line.


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