Men’s Fitness published this list of things you should never say to a woman – and it’s half accurate, half weird:

The Weirdest: “I love your body…it look’s like a swimmer’s!”

They Say It’s Bad Because: “You probably mean, ‘Your body is toned and athletic.’ She definitely heard, “Nice can, Ivan Drago.” Basically, there is no place for the word “like” in a compliment, so stick to adjectives, don’t get too creative with the metaphors and you’ll save yourself from shoulder freeze.”

We Say It’s Bad Because: …what? A swimmer’s? What does that mean? And who is Ivan Drago? (No, really, I literally just googled “Ivan Drago.”)


The Least Accurate: “Honey, ‘irregardless’ isn’t a word.”

They Say It’s Bad Because:  “We’re all responsible for occasionally finger-banging the English language, but when you point it out in public, especially around others, you slap a fat social dunce cap on your girlfriend. The consequences will come in three waves: first, she’ll be embarrassed and suddenly quiet; next, she’ll stew for the rest of the evening, effectively destroying the mood at your gathering; third, your ears will spontaneously start hemorrhaging the moment you get home.”

We Say They’re Wrong Because: If I make a grammatical error in public — which would be rare, I assure you — feel free to correct me! As long as you don’t do it condescendingly (like by prefacing with the word “Honey”), I won’t get mad, and definitely won’t “stew” about it for hours.


The Most Accurate: “You ate that whole thing?!”

They Say It’s Bad Because: “Sure, she weighs 100 pounds and you blurted this out in a moment of genuine awe, but there is no scenario in which it’ll be well received. Comments about what you’re eating are annoying in general, so you should especially refrain from making them about her, including, ‘That’s all you’re going to eat?’ Yep. Shut up.”

We Say It’s Bad Because: Fat or thin, girlfriend or not, male or female, it is never polite to comment on what or how much someone is eating. Period.

Check out the rest of the list here and tell us — do you agree or disagree?

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