Thank the Lord Baby Jesus for Lindy West, sister-bros. She has written a manifesto for single ladies on Jezebel that is so overwhelmingly powerful I am rendered speechless. I feel inadequate to add anything to her argument — which, by the way, will earn her a teeny, tiny fraction of what Beyoncé made off of Single Ladies, but is wayyyyyy way better. She writes:

No matter what or who we (hetero) women are, we are always too something for men. Isn’t that just f*cked? Because to be “too” something implies that there’s a something else out there to aim for. But there isn’t. IT’S A TRAP.

West points out that men want people who are people, and it’s true. “If men really only wanted to squirt their penises inside of silent supermodels, then regular people would be extinct. But look to your left. Look to your right. Regular people in the house!”

That is a freeing thought: you’re not too anything. Nobody is. Being human means innately being just right.

Now read the essay. Tell your sister. Tell your mama. Tell your brother. And print it out and put it on your fridge like I did.