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How Hookup… get breakfast for dinner at a 24-hour diner.

28, F

How Hookup… geek out at the Science Museum.

26, M

How Hookup… look at all the crazy tropical plants at the botanical garden.

33, F

How Hookup… go to a craft beer bar and see what's new on tap.

30, M

How Hookup… gamble on a band we’ve never heard of at a little hole-in-the-wall venue.

33, F

How Hookup… hike one of the beautiful trails around here.

28, M

How Hookup… fill up on gourmet mac and cheese, then walk it off around the reservoir.

31, F

How Hookup… go hear some live bluegrass and drink some good whiskey.

32, M

How Hookup… see what’s playing tonight at the art house theater.

28, F

How Hookup… get a variety of fancy chocolates and try them all.

33, M

How Hookup… go treasure hunting at a flea market some Saturday.

25, F

How Hookup… go pick up some fresh vegetables at the farmers market.

27, M

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