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5' 10"

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43, Female, Straight
Pasadena, CA

How Hookup… How would you like to bounce around at a trampoline gym? I've never tried one and it looks like fun! Like a bounce house for adults. There's a place in Covina, Woodland Hills, Torrance . . . Like a



About Derailleuresque

An awesome place I've visited

Running a small biz, very active, bright, engaged in the community and for animal welfare. Being healthy, enjoying life and being a decent human is important. Went to Cyclavia last weekend = fun! Recently hosted a benefit for the local animal shelter and will be doing some volunteer work this next week.

My perfect sunday

On a beautiful Sunday, wake up early, cycle in the warm sunshine before most of LA is awake and enjoy the lovely landscape of different parts of the city while the city stretches is arms and stretches itself awake. Then have some fantastic coffee and ride the Metro home. Or stay in and make an amazing and healthy coffee cake to share with a special someone to sweeten the morning! Enjoy an afternoon at a museum or head off to check out the poppyfields or go to a music festival.

The movie I've watched the most times

Room With a View - beautiful story, luscious cinematography.

My life history in 5 sentences or fewer

Native of LA, college degree, have worked since I was 16, always been a bookworm & involved in fitness, lifelong dancer and commuting cyclist.

My first concert / My dream concert

The most amazing concert was a private one when a client surprised me by showing up at my birthday party after his own concert with the symphony. He brought his violin and, still in his tux, serenaded me and my guests. Such a wonderful, delightful man.

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