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32, Female, Straight
Brooklyn, NY
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About CeylonPrincess29

An awesome place I've visited

Greek Islands, Sri Lanka, India, UK and Paris.

My perfect sunday

Would be lighting some candles, enjoying a glass of wine and preparing to cook an amazing meal followed by either a good movie or a nice walk.

The movie I've watched the most times

Embarrassing to say it but.. Forest Gump

My life history in 5 sentences or fewer

Yeah not sure how to do that Im mixed with 4 different nationalities so in one word UNIQUE!

My first concert / My dream concert

Never been to a concert before sad to admit it but it's the truth but my dream concert would be to see Andrea Bocelli he's amazing :)

I have a weakness for Guys/Girls who

A guy who has a great smile

For me, a first date no-no is

Texting, Smokin and talking about your ex ( the point of dating is to move on from your past don't bring your past into what could be your future)

What I would bring to show and tell

I would actually make my cousins drag out my Harp from storage yes I did I was forced to play the harp as a child. Out of all the other instruments that I thought would be fun I was stuck playing something that at the time was a 100x larger than I and very hard to grasp when it came to lessons. I can honestly say before every lesson I cried and begged I mean literally arms wrapped around my mom or dad or even my granparents leg begging being dragged around the house plending or pretending I was sick (my fa

A story you should remind me to tell you on our first date

When I was 5 years old and was in school in UK :)

I secretly want to be

Racecar Driver what I like fast cars I've test driven the Lamborghini LP 700-4 as well as Audi R8 and my cousin's Maserati ;)

I want to be with someone who wants to be

A power couple :)

An infatuation of mine

Lacrosse I've been playing since I was a little kids even in college I was on the UVA Lacrosse Team :) I still meet up with my old college mates and play when their in town.

If I won the lottery and quit my job, I would

Help rebuild my country Sri Lanka

One thing my mother would want you to know about me

That Im her only daughter and only child that I make her proud and always keep a smile on her face. I'm strong and very ambitious and have achieved every goal I've set for myself and everyday I make her feel shes the luckiest mom in the world and have the best daughter in the world.... This is what my mother would say if she were here her words were amazing and I know she would share this with you because she shared them with everyday of her life. I would have to say that for me it should be "One thing I wo

I want to come home to

My Soulmate

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