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Jewelry Designer




(Somewhat Important to me)




Have 'em and they live with me


5' 2"

How much do you exercise?

How much do you drink?

How much do you smoke?


52, Female, Straight
Culver City, CA

How Hookup… Spend the day hanging out on Hollywood Blvd. people watching, going to the wax museums, watching the street performers and then ending up at Pinks' for the messiest hot dog and some great conversation.



About JewelryDiva

An awesome place I've visited

Everywhere I go is awesome, especially when you have a great companion along, but I really love the Aquarium in Long Beach and museums.

My perfect sunday

Making breakfast at home and eating on my patio then spending the day doing nothing major just hanging out at the beach, park or maybe taking in a movie or playing miniature golf or just going for a ride up the coast. Seeing how far we can get on a tank of gas!!

The movie I've watched the most times

There are quite a few: The Matrix-love me some Keanu Reeves; Sleepless in Seattle, Beauty and the Beast(who doesn't love a good love story), Ghost Rider, Batman.

My life history in 5 sentences or fewer

I was born, formally educated, and then truly began to live. I love adventure, the unknown and what's over the horizon. Life is what you make of it and the people you include in the journey. Live, Laugh and Love Always.

I have a weakness for Guys/Girls who

I have a weakness for guys with long hair and with body hair, must be a carry over from love of Van Halen, and the wild 80's hair bands. I also have a weakness for men with motorcycles.

For me, a first date no-no is

a movie, because I definitely can't talk to you and get to know you unless we want to get thrown out of the theatre for disturbing others.

I secretly want to be

a super heroine like Wonder Woman

I want to be with someone who wants to be

In a monogamous relationship

An infatuation of mine

My politics of film professor in college, he had a beard, and a wonderful smile. Nothing like a smart man to win over a girl every time.

If I won the lottery and quit my job, I would

travel, travel, travel

One thing my mother would want you to know about me

I am very sensitive and have a BIG heart when it comes to others

I want to come home to

my own personal "Magic Mike" (smile)

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