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    Sunnyside, NY
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About Me

  • The first album you ever bought with your own money:
  • Pump Up the Jam, by Technotronic on cassette.

  • The movie I've watched the most times:
  • Point Break or A Christmas Story

  • An awesome place I've visited:
  • Lake Atitlan

  • My life history in 5 sentences or fewer:
  • I grew up in Florida, the youngest of four kids. Great place to grow up and great place to have family to visit because I still love sunshine and the beach, but the Northeast has been home for awhile. College in Boston, worked in DC, then graduated to NYC when I decided to go to law school here in 2020. I can work long hours at a law firm job in the city, but I really enjoy spending my free time relaxing in the boroughs, getting exercise outside, hanging out with friends, and volunteering when I can - some may find this cheesy, but I really believe in it and find it helps keep me grounded and thankful.
    So, enough with the boring stuff...

  • My first concert / My dream concert:
  • Billy Joel and Elton John: Face to Face/dream concert? Eddie Vedder solo (for the moment, this is subject to change of course, as I have many favorites)

  • Obscure knowledge I possess:
  • college mascots

  • For me, a first date no-no is:
  • ask me how much money I owe on my student loans (had a guy just ask me that last week - just awkward).

  • What I would bring to show and tell:
  • my brother's dog, Duke, an 85 pound black boxer - one of the coolest, although not the smartest dogs I've ever known.

  • A story you should remind me to tell you on our first date:
  • the time I ate raw sea cucumber in Asia, bought from a bunch of deep sea diving grandmas in wetsuits.

  • I secretly want to be:
  • a bongo drum player...or a photojournalist

  • I want to be with someone who wants to be:
  • a good person.

  • An infatuation of mine:
  • infatuation is a really strong word, kind of like "hate."

  • One thing my mother would want you to know about me:
  • probably some story I would be embarassed for her to tell

My Dates


How Hookup...check out the indoor rock wall at Chelsea Piers.

  • Category:
  • Venue:
    Chelsea Piers Field House
  • When:
    Pretty much any day
  • Location:
    New York, NY
  • Posted:
    5 days ago
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  • Law School


  • Catholic
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  • Progressive
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  • 5' 9"

How much do you Exercise?

  • Straight

How much do you Drink?

  • Gay

How much do you Smoke?

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