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(Somewhat Important to me)




Have 'em and they don't live with me


5' 10"

How much do you exercise?

How much do you drink?

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57, Male, Straight
Orlando, FL

How Hookup… My idea of a date is doing what friends do. No pretenses, no superficial show. Just being real, honest, and sharing who we are. I we find this too challenging or feel we need a script, we should not be together.



About candoor

My perfect sunday

Sharing life in love.

The movie I've watched the most times

Some are always left out of lists like these: Princess Bride, What Dreams May Come, It's a Wonderful Life, Wizard of Oz, Mary poppins, Sound of Music, V for Vendetta, Fifth Element, Sleepless in Seattle, City of Angels, Miracle on 34th St, Twilight Zone, ET, Marx Brothers, Monty Python, Harry Potter - dozens of others. The books are usually better.

My life history in 5 sentences or fewer

Adopted young, broken families, believe in love, (it's magic and heartbreak), and still trying to understand why, for most people, fear overrides love, what others say matters more than what they think, and blind faith is more real for them than their own senses. As much as I love music, theatre, art, passion, and exercise, and creative play I chose helping others as a profession throughout this life. I have been cruelly used and painfully abused and still want to actualize in unconditional trust and love.

My first concert / My dream concert

Beach Boys/Four Seasons/Jay & the Americans. Dream concert - too many to list, but it would go on for months, at least.

Obscure knowledge I possess

Knowledge is shared, it cannot be possessed. Most people are afraid of it, especially when they think they already know enough. The more right I think I am, the more wrong I can be.

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