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  • 40 / Male / Straight
    Long Beach, CA
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About Me

  • A story you should remind me to tell you on our first date:
  • well so far its been downs for about a couple of years but things pretty much looking up and experience as they say is the best teacher.

  • The movie I've watched the most times:
  • Inception

  • An awesome place I've visited:
  • Niagara falls,Bermuda, London UK

  • I secretly want to be:
  • David Beckham

  • I want to be with someone who wants to be:
  • explore and willing to come out of her comfort zone and want to be happy

My Dates

Just can't be categorized

How Hookup...Discover what we like the most and meet up somewhere and have a dinner at a nice exquisite restaurant and enjoy the rest of the evening together.

  • Category:
    Just can't be categorized
  • Venue:
    I'll let you be the judge o...
  • When:
    Let's message first
  • Posted:
    5 days ago
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Dates that make a difference

How Hookup...Well would love to hang out at a nice restaurant on a first date and am sure we could have nice romantic evening walking down the beach.

  • Category:
    Dates that make a difference
  • Venue:
  • When:
    Let's message first
  • Posted:
    14 days ago
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  • Human resource manager


  • Business School


  • Christian
  • Somewhat important to me


  • Conservative
  • Not important to me


  • 5' 11"

How much do you Exercise?

  • Straight

How much do you Drink?

  • Bi-sexual

How much do you Smoke?

  • Somewhat Important