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26, Female, Straight
New York, NY
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How Hookup… go see something at 59E59's East to Edinburgh festival. It's a festival of plays going to the Edinburgh Fringe. They could be great or they could be terrible - who knows?



About AllieNL

An awesome place I've visited

Rwanda. Explored Kigali, and climbed into the mountains. Hung out 15 feet from a silverback gorilla. It ruled! Also, I won a trip to Newfoundland in a raffle.

My perfect sunday

Rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders in the morning, then brunch with climbing friends. Then maybe hanging out with friends or reading in Prospect Park. In the evening, cooking dinner with some people.

The movie I've watched the most times

Hmmm. Probably a tie between Hopscotch (Walter Mathau as a disgruntled former CIA agent during the Cold War) and Return of the Jedi. Feel free to judge.

My first concert / My dream concert

My first concert was sadly N*Sync (sp?) at the age of 10. But my best one was probably Leonard Cohen last year at Barclay's Center. The man was 79 years old, and still played for 3 hours and introduced every single member of his crew.

Obscure knowledge I possess

I lived in England for a few years as a kid, so I know the reigning dates of every single Tudor monarch. I can't forget them - I've tried.

What I would bring to show and tell

I have a stack of letters that my great-grandfather wrote to my great-grandmother from the trenches during WWI. They are beautiful and clumsy, and in each one he describes where he slept the night before. It ranges from farm house to tin hut to mud.

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