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5' 5"

How much do you exercise?

How much do you drink?

How much do you smoke?


38, Female, Straight
Brooklyn, NY
Last online 18 days ago

How Hookup… Check out Desunda's new location in Williamsburg for some soul stopping ceviche!


How Hookup… Spuyten Duyvil!


How Hookup… go to The Dead Rabbit when it opens.

About jicamajane

An awesome place I've visited

The Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres, Spain

My perfect sunday

A fresh baked cinnamon roll and delicious cup of coffee. Wondering. Have a drink at a hidden gem of a bar neither of us have been to. Friends, Laughter, Drinks, Games, until the sun comes up. This is a perfect Sunday, not every Sunday.

The movie I've watched the most times

L.A. Story "Sitting there at that moment I thought of something else Shakespeare said. He said, "Hey... life is pretty stupid; with lots of hubbub to keep you busy, but really not amounting to much." Of course I'm paraphrasing: "Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

My life history in 5 sentences or fewer

Grew up in So Cal and a couple culture shocked years in Massachusettes. Back to So Cal. Dance degree from UCRiverside. Moved to L.A.. Needed something different so moved to London to study for 4 years then back to So Cal and now here, Brooklyn, HAPPILY for 6 years.

My first concert / My dream concert

KROQ Weenie Roast 1994 (James, Violent Femmes, Green Day to name a few... it was awesome day) Dream concert: Patsy Cline backed by Cake I am on a mission to catch Modest Mouse the next time they tour.

Obscure knowledge I possess

How to make homemade marshmallow cream.

I have a weakness for Guys/Girls who

Hug like it means something, wear horizontally striped shirts, and who are punctual (that's hot!).

For me, a first date no-no is

Tard -i- ness!

What I would bring to show and tell

A cookbook. It is a duzzy.

A story you should remind me to tell you on our first date

The time I was refused entry into the UK, well maybe that is a second date story.

I secretly want to be

a stand-up comedian

I want to be with someone who wants to be

creative in all ways!

An infatuation of mine

Charles Bukowski

If I won the lottery and quit my job, I would

Build one of those fantastic A-frame cottages in the woods close to a lake ( Encourage my green thumb. Drink that 2001 Brunello I have been so curious about. And of course, give a big fat donation to the public library!

One thing my mother would want you to know about me

I was the kind of girl who would fight to wear sneakers with a dress.

I want to come home to

Hugs and kisses.

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