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How Hookup...





6' 0"

How much do you exercise?

How much do you drink?

How much do you smoke?


32, Male, Straight

New York, NY

Last online 27 days ago

How Hookup… Check out some exhibits at the Met, and hang out in Central Park...


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About mpisa219

The movie I've watched the most times:

Goonies and Indiana Jones are up there...Old School and Anchorman would be some new additions...and Rocky films might top the all-time list. I do also have older sisters, so there MAY be a few that I've strategically (AKA embarrassingly) decided to leave out. You know, like David Bowie in way too revealing hot pants type flicks...

An awesome place I've visited:

Some favorites would be: Sorrento, Italy - the Caribbean - Costa Rica and Mexico, Sweden during the summer, Portugal, and Holland.

My first concert / My dream concert:

My first concert was supposed to be a Grateful Dead concert when I was a young half-pint exploring my inner hippie. Would have been riveting I'm sure...BUT, unfortunately my friend and I went there with limited/saved funds and bought fake tickets.'s lessons, shattered dreams, and depressing rides home ha. So I think my first concert was Lalapalooza on Randall's Island. Fun time.

Obscure knowledge I possess:

A duck's quack doesn't one knows why...and I'd like to somehow test this claim.

For me, a first date no-no is:

Interviews...ZZZzzzz....I think dates should be fun, light, and enjoyable (or even relaxed). It's fun meeting new people. So there shouldn't be any more pressure than simply doing something new/different with good company. If there's attraction, it just got better.

What I would bring to show and tell:

I'd bring this antique I have to the Antiques Road Show so I can make my best shocked "it's worth what!" look on TV

A story you should remind me to tell you on our first date:

Falling asleep on a train, and waking up on a ship in the middle of the ocean in high seas.

I secretly want to be:

A treasure hunter...

I want to be with someone who wants to be:

With me...?

An infatuation of mine:

The ocean...water.

One thing my mother would want you to know about me:

I mean well ;)

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