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How Hookup... Meet on a park bench at the Brooklyn Heights promenade and watch the sunset.

  • My life history in 5 sentences or fewer:
  • I've spent most of my life in California but being quite a curious kid I've spent much of it exploring the world. I've lived in Europe several times. I still am pretty curious about history, culture(s) and human nature and hopefully will always be. It keeps me young at heart and always learning. I've studied and worked in the film biz, I'm a bit of a film geek/history nerd, but more playful and outdoorsy, more Patagonia than Prada so to speak.

  • Obscure knowledge I possess:
  • I know the entire Munchkinland theme from the Wizard of Oz by heart...but please don't ask me to recite it

  • The movie I've watched the most times:
  • Honestly? The Man from Snowy River. It's kind of obscure I know. I watch so many movies but not too many over and over again. Blade Runner, Brazil, Last of the Mohicans and the old BBC Pride and Prejudice mini series are a close runners up, though.

  • One thing my mother would want you to know about me:
  • That I'm both deep AND funny with an extremely warm heart but that I probably think too much...but don't listen to her, she's just one of my best companions.

  • An infatuation of mine:
  • Old maps, WWII movies, actually any war movies, early aviation, explorers of the seas, Non-fiction adventure/survival stories - IMAX films - Ernest Shackleton - reading history and then traveling to those same historic locations

  • An awesome place I've visited:
  • If I had to pick one, then the Nile, I was in tears when I left - Africa had a profound affect on me.

  • I secretly want to be:
  • Admired, desired and inspired. (oops, did I just admit that?) It's taken me a long time to learn that vulnerability and strength are one and the same thing. That Janus faced reckoning, I think, marks a mature loving relationship. I can't say I've arrived at this overnight nor can I admit to having fully arrived...but I'd like to think I am on my way.

  • I want to be with someone who wants to be:
  • Admired, desired and inspired, as well. My goal is to someday find that special bond with a man who wants to explore love, to love, and be loved in return. Maybe we can tackle our fear(s) of intimacy together. (Is this too deep to put on a profile?)

  • Are you Greek?
  • No, but I did meet 3 of my closest friends in Greece at different times. Greece comes up a lot for me.

Walking or Hiking

"How Hookup...Hike Hadrian's Wall"

Museums and Galleries

"How Hookup...I'm new to NYC so I am interested in seeing... well, so much. Love the Natural History museum, the IMAX theater, the MET and just exploring the park... with a picnic...maybe Shakespeare in the Park...or just laying back and looking up at trees... feeling toes in the grass... people watching....seeing where the day leads..."

Random Daytime Activities

"How Hookup...Hop on the train and head south to Brighton Beach, maybe take a picnic.... hunt for tide pools... pick up shells"


"How Hookup... check out a scavenger hunt at the Met." view details »


"How Hookup... take a walk around Greenwood Cemetery." view details »


  • Music Editor/Writer


  • Masters


  • Spiritual without affiliation
  • Not important to me


  • Other
  • Somewhat important to me

Communication Preferences:

  • N/A (No two cases are alike)


  • 5' 7"

How much do you Exercise?

  • Gay

How much do you Drink?

  • Very Important

How much do you Smoke?

  • Somewhat Important